Domaine Des Anges Petit Chablis 2019

Domaine Des Anges Petit Chablis 2019

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Type: White
Country: France
Region: Burgundy, Chablis
Grape Variety: 100% Chardonnay
Alcohol Percentage: 12.5%

Climate: Semi-continental climate with variations of temperatures
Terroir: Vineyard faces south / south-east, lying on a bed of Kimmeridgian limestone soil. Average age of vines are between 25 – 35 years
Ageing: Ageing in temperature-controlled tanks

Color: Very pretty pale golden yellow in colour with light greenish glints. Bright, luminous and limpid
Nose: Young, fresh and vivacious in a whirlwind of floral, fruity scents. Reminiscent of a romantic walk in the garden, hand in hand
Palate: Lively, pleasant and perfumed, revealing lemon and verbena on a fine mineral background. We discover the pleasure of drinking for sheer enjoyment. The finish is pleasant leaving the mouth tingling with an airy freshness

About the Winery:
The Seguinot family’s roots in Maligny, the front door to Chablis, can be traced as far back as 1590 when they began to write their history. Vines rest on the sloping right bank of the serein river, 16 hectares lie on a perfect south / south-east exposition. Rich soils from The Kimmerridgian give our wines their specificity and unique “iodine” character. This maritime origin gives our wines a specific iodine character, genuine and inimitable typicity.