Medici Ermete i Quercioli Reggiano Lambrusco Dolce N.V.

Medici Ermete i Quercioli Reggiano Lambrusco Dolce N.V.


Product Description

I Quercioli Reggiano Lambrusco Dolce is a semi-sweet perlé red wine from Emilia-Romagna region, made entirely from Lambrusco grapes. Low alcohol (8.5%) slightly sparkling wine, sweet, fresh and fruity, best when served well chilled.

  • Brand: Medici
  • Description: Semi-sweet Perlé Red Wine
  • Vintages Available: N.V.
  • Country, Region: Italy, Emilia Romagna
  • Appellation: DOC

About the Producer

For more than one hundred years the name of the Medici family has been synonym with excellent Lambrusco and quality wine. At the beginning of the 20th Century Remigio, the founder, set up a wine cellar for the production of Lambrusco with the purpose of exploiting in the best possible way the family's vineyards, situated between the Via Emilia and the first slopes of the Enza valley. His son, Ermete, was then responsible for marketing and expanding this brand. Today, the fourth generation of the Medici family still shows the same passion and skill every day in the vineyard as well as in the cellars that have made them protagonists in the world of wine.


100% Lambrusco “Salamino” and “Marani”.


The company owns 60 hectares of vineyards at the top of the plain and the foothills of the Emilia. This area is particularly suitable for growing grapes, thanks to its microclimate and also to the features that characterize its clayey soil. The planting system utilized is the spurred cordon.


After pressing, the grapes are fermented according to the classic red wine making technology, consisting in allowing maceration with the skins. Racking off the skins follows and the newly fermented wine is sent to storage tanks.


After the malolactic fermentation, the wine goes through re-fermentation in order to acquire its perlé character and is finally allowed some time in bottle before being released for consumption.

Tasting Notes

Bright ruby red with persistent bubbles, I Quercioli Reggiano Lambrusco Dolce shows delicate floral notes of violet leading to a luxuriously sweet, fresh, vivacious and pleasantly harmonious palate.


8.5% alcohol vol.

Food Suggestions

Excellent as an aperitif and particularly suitable to accompany light appetizers, pizza as well as fruits and dessert dishes.

Serving temperature: 8-10°C.


I Quercioli Reggiano Lambrusco Dolce is to be consumed while young, within 1 or 2 years.