Antiche Terre Soave DOC 2022 (Stelvin Cap)

Antiche Terre Soave DOC 2022 (Stelvin Cap)

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GRAPES. Garganega, Trebbiano di Soave, Chardonnay. The grapes come from the northwest area of Verona. 

PRODUCTION PROCESS. The grapes are pressed and left with the skins to macerate for about 6 hours after which the skins are separated from the juice and selected yeasts are added. Fermentation is carried out in temperature controlled stainless steel vats at around 14 to 16 ° C. for a period of 8 to 10 days. The wine is then stored a few months in stainless steel before being bottled. 


TOTAL ACIDITY, IN TARTARIC ACID. 5.8 grams per liter. 

SHELF LIFE. A wine preferably to be drunk very young and within 3 years. 

COLOR. Pale straw yellow. 

NOSE. Fruity of apple and pear. 

TASTE. This is a crisp fruity wine with a slight mineral finish. Soft and round in the mouth with a slight mineral lingering aftertaste. 

SERVE. Preferably at 12 to 14 °C. 

FOOD MATCHING. Fish, white meats, egg, or pastas with cheese or delicate sauces.