Antiche Terre Venete Gold Edition Solo Passione 2018

Antiche Terre Venete Gold Edition Solo Passione 2018

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GRAPES. Corvina Veronese, Rondinella and Merlot. 

PRODUCTION. Solo Passione or “Just Passion”, to interpret not only the passion of those who taste, but also of those who create. The protagonist of this wine is the love and the care gave by the oenologist throughout every step of this wine’s life. After a slow and constant fermentation the wine is transferred into oak barrels for an aging period of six months. The wine, correctly stored in horizontal position at a constant temperature, around 15 - 18 °C, without light, will preserve for 4 - 7 years. 


TOTAL ACIDITY, TARTARIC ACID. 5.7 grams per liter.

CLOSURES. Screw Cap.

SHELF LIFE. If the wine is stored properly at a constant temperature around 15 - 18 °C, in horizontal position in absence of light, it will keep for 4 to 7 years.

COLOUR. Intense ruby purple.

NOSE. Spicy of plum and cherry and hint of raspberry. 

TASTE. The complex aromas range from vanilla, spidness to fruit flavors such as blackberries and plums. 

SERVE. Decantation at least an hour before serving. Serve in large deep glasses. 

FOOD MATCHING. Excellent most types of red meat, both grilled and braised, as well as with a good aged cheese.